Team Purpose/Mission

The Eastview High School Competitive Cheerleading team is made up of cheerleaders who strive to support and boost spirit at the school along with promoting a positive sportsmanship through competition. The mission of competitive cheer is to have fun and excitement through cheerleading. To gain experience and great memories that last a lifetime. To learn cheers, stunts, dances, jumps, patience, persistence, teamwork and communication. To develop qualities in areas such as self-confidence, respect, responsibility, mental and physical strength, courage and focus to name a few. These cheerleaders are dedicated to achieving high academic goals, state and national rankings and adherence to the values of Eastview High School.

Eligibility and Tryouts

All athletes between the grades of 8-12 are eligible to tryout for the competitive cheer team (CCT). The CCT varsity team will hold tryouts in the spring. Qualified coaches will judge and select the team. Candidates must attend clinics and tryouts to be considered. Candidates must be in good academic standing (passing grades) to be eligible for tryouts. All cheerleaders must tryout every year. Teams are selected by scores, positions, attitudes, availability, team size, history, conduct, progression and work ethic. No cheerleader is guaranteed a spot on the team because of past membership.


All cheerleaders must maintain passing grades in all their classes. A team member’s position on the team is not guaranteed. There is potential of losing one’s position by the following (but not limited to): academics, attitude, conduct, injury, illness, attendance, poor work ethic, lack of progress, lack of required material (techniques, jumps, etc.). Cheerleaders must remain in good financial standing with the school fees and booster requirements. Cheerleaders are expected to actively participate in fundraising throughout the season. Attendance at practices is mandatory. Practices: Sundays (5-8), Mondays and Thursdays (6:30-9:30).


Head coach: Tim Navarro
Assistant Coach: Mario Navarro
Assistant Coach: LaShelle Walters